Alayna Melino

Co-Founder & Ceo

Hi, I'm Alayna Melino and I am a freshman at the University of Miami. Due to the recent pandemic shifting our learning online, I have gained great knowledge and experience in using the Software Zoom. I founded Dr. Zoom because I understand how overwhelming Zoom can be to new users and I want to offer my skills to

 help others take advantage of all the amazing features Zoom has to offer. My goal is to enable my clients to feel more comfortable working remotely and still feel connected.

Sofia Asher

Co-Founder and President

Hey, I'm Sofia Asher and I'm a freshman at the University of Miami from Kingston, Jamaica. Due to the recent COVID-19 effects, most schools and businesses have included Zoom in their day-to-day operations, without most of its users knowing how to properly navigate the website and utilize all the tools available. This is the issue Alayna and I are aiming to fix with Dr. Zoom. We want to share our knowledge of the platform in order to help others use it efficiently and take advantage of all the valuable features.