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We are Zoom specialists providing clients with virtual zoom consulting and the resources needed to become experts with Zoom.


In light of the recent pandemic effecting the world, the need and use for the software Zoom has increased drastically as individuals from all around the world have been forced to collaborate online via Zoom. However many users are without any previous knowledge on how to use Zoom, which many of their classes/jobs are now featured on. 


We know how overwhelming Zoom may be to new users, so we are here to help you most effectively use Zoom as we all navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Zoom is an online consulting service, specializing in the software Zoom, that is designed to provide users with the essential tools, resources and guidance needed to get started with Zoom and master the software in no time. 


Our Services

We provide a list of suggestions curated by our experts, for the best resources available for Zoom, as well as our own video tutorials. We also provide virtual Zoom consulting sessions, through Zoom.

Zoom Consulting

Schedule a virtual appointment with our consulting team at Dr. Zoom and we will help solve any of your Zoom Needs. 

List of Resources

Top articles that will help you with anything Zoom, starting with setting up your Zoom profile to how to avoid hackers!

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials by Dr. Zoom to help you get started with using some of Zooms key features from Recording to Polling.